Welcome to the Roctopus Pro Centre

The Roctopus Pro Center is a dive training center located in Koh Tao, Thailand that runs the specialty and dive professional training for Roctopus Dive. We offer a full range of specialty courses, as well as Divemaster, Instructor, and Crossover courses. We pride ourselves in our ability to create highly qualified, competent and enthusiastic dive professionals who will then go on to share their passion for the underwater world with others.  If you are looking to take your diving to the next level, contact us!

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Divemaster is the first step in becoming a dive professional and a great way to gain a lot of diving experience while improving your knowledge and skills. We offer an immersive Divemaster Training Program where you will participate in various classroom and in-water workshop, and assist experienced instructors on actual courses to allow you to put your knowledge and skills to work. We believe that the best way to learn is by getting real, hands-on, experience.

Divemaster Training Program

Instructor Training Program

Introducing new divers to the underwater world is extremely rewarding!  You get to experience the awe and joy you yourself experienced when you first learned to dive through the eyes of your students. Our Instructor Training Program will teach you how to effectively pass on your knowledge and skills to new divers so that you can see the glee in their faces when come up from their first few dives while knowing that you are creating safe and conscientious divers!


Instructor Internship Program

Our Instructor Internship program offers you a chance to work under one of our experienced Instructor Mentors.  With their guidance, you will teach a variety of courses, from Try Dives to Open Water courses to Deep and Nitrox Specialties, with real students at Roctopus Dive.  You will learn how to coordinate courses and problem solve while ensuring your students have a positive diving experience.  You will also get credited for the certifications of your students during your internship, so that you can prepare your CV for a career in diving.  Contact us for more information!


Specialty Training Programs

One of the great things about diving is that there are so many ways to make each dive experience your own! With specialty training programs, you have a chance to  broaden your experience and knowledge in specific areas of diving that interest you so that you can customize your dives. Learn how to safely penetrate a wreck in our Wreck Specialty course, extend your bottom time with our Nitrox course, or learn how to effectively plan and execute deep dives up to 40 meters in our Deep Diver course.  We offer it all, and more!

The Roctopus Pro Team

Steve Crosby Manager/Instructor Trainer

Peter Galea Instructor Trainer

Stephen Read Instructor Trainer

See what others have to say:

My deep/nitrox instructor was Pete. He was a very experienced diver and made learning this technical course a breeze. Some may have a bit of trouble with the formulas for the book work but Pete made sure everyone understood what was being taught before moving on.

As with Misa, Pete made sure that everyone was having fun while learning to confidently dive to 40m and perform various skills. He’s also a very chill dude. Picture hanging out with a buddy but he’s teaching you; that’s Pete. Kyle Czapski

Deep & Nitrox Speciality Combo

Pete was simply a fantastic trainer. His direction, explanations and advice were 1st class and invaluable during the instructor course. Pete listened to each individual, assessing what support was needed. He tailored the course to deliver this for us, ensuring we received personalized attention that took into account our individual needs.

Pete genuinely cared that we became the best instructors we could be during the course and this was evident in his positive and encouraging teaching style. Rachel Belton

Instructor Development Program

Roctopus Pro is the ultimate scuba instructors! As my mentors for the Divemaster program they went above and beyond their mandatory duties as trainers to ensure that I accomplished my goals and surpassed my own expectations. Steve empowered me as a diver by taking the time to share his knowledge and help me apply concepts far outside of the classroom.

Their passion for diving is evident in everything they do; they live, breathe, and dream for scuba! From the spirited lectures on safety and proper equipment care, to the thoughtful techniques on navigation and bouyancy, The pro team will help you master any skill level of diving you wish to achieve, all with a smile on your face! You couldn’t ask for a better team of dive mentors- and you won’t find one! Kristin Kelly

Divemaster Internship