Is a Solo Diving Course Right for You?

Self-reliance is a must-have skill to confidently enjoy diving in almost any environment. Expand your opportunities around the world by training to handle nearly any scenario when in the water!

The two most important qualities for a professional diver

At Roctopus, our instructors have taught thousands of people to dive.  If you want to become a dive professional, all you need is the passion for it and the bravery to say, "you only live once.  I'm going to go to Thailand to become a diver!".  However there are two...

Becoming a dive professional

If you’re looking at this blog, you’re probably thinking about becoming a dive professional. You like the idea of living on an island and/or travelling around the world showing people fish and making money doing it. It might, however, be difficult to take the plunge...

Eco Day

I've been lucky enough to call Koh Tao my home for the last five years.  Koh Tao is a tropical paradise that has given me the opportunity to make a living teaching scuba diving and playing guitar.  I want to make sure it stays a beautiful, tropical paradise.  For the...