What is a Divemaster?  

Divemaster is the first level of professional recreational diving.  Have you ever been on a dive where you where guided by an experienced diver who organized your dive trip, briefed you about your dives, and guided you around dive sites?  Did they introduce you to amazing aquatic life and beautiful underwater scenery?  In that case, you have likely met a divemaster. In fact, diving with a divemaster may have been what tempted you into the world of professional diving:  You saw the relaxed, diving-filled lifestyle that divemasters lead in beautiful environments all over the world and you wanted that opportunity for yourself.  Our Divemaster Training Program will fully prepare you to begin working as a divemaster, while giving you a taste of the lifestyle on our beautiful island of Koh Tao.

Program Overview

During your Divemaster Training Program with Roctopus Pro, you will participate in:

  • A specially designed two- week Introductory Period
  • Various Workshops, both in the classroom and in the water
  • Course assists on real courses with our Instructors down at Roctopus Dive
  • Unlimited Fun Diving!

Introductory Period

Our two week introductory period is a unique aspect of the Roctopus Divemaster Training Program.  We have put together a schedule for your first two weeks that is designed to:

  • Give you a thorough orientation of the Divemaster Training Program so you know exactly what to expect
  • Introduce you to how things work around the dive shop
  • Provide you with a proper boat orientation, where we will guide you through the boat procedures and take you on your first few dives with Roctopus Dive
  • Prepare you for other aspects of the Divemaster Training Program, such as briefing and guiding dives, and assisting instructors on courses, through interactive workshops
  • Improve your confidence in the water with in-water activities such as buoyancy and navigation workshops
  • Provide you with any prerequisite courses you need to officially begin your divemaster training
  • Give you time to get more diving experience and work up to the minimum 50 dives needed to begin your divemaster training


After your Introductory Period, you will continue to take part in specialized workshops designed to give you more knowledge and more dive experience.  Some workshops you will participate in during your training include:

On Land

  • Decompression theory with Instructor Trainer and Tech Instructor, Steve Crosby
  • A hands-on Equipment workshop where you will learn more about diving equipment and how to make basic repairs on regulators and BCDs
  • A physiology lecture with Stephen Read, an experienced dive medic who has experience working in hyperbaric (recompression) chambers
  • Environment and conservation lectures with our resident marine conservation expert.
  • Dive site mapping workshop

In Water

  • Review of rescue scenarios learned during your Rescue course
  • A mapping project, where you work with over Divemaster Trainees to map a divesite
  • Dive site clean-up and conservation research dives
  • Divemaster scenario, where you experience what it is like organizing a dive boat, getting divers to and from dive sites, and briefing and leading dives, under the watchful eye of one of the Roctopus Pro Center instructors or Roctopus Dive instructors

ECO Trust Conservation Program

As future dive professionals, you will be in a unique position to influence how others interact with their ocean environment and to provide citizen science-based data to research organizations that monitor various aspects of our ocean’s health.  With this in mind, we have incorporated conservation education into our Divemaster Training Program.  Throughout your training, you will:

  • Learn how to monitor the health of your local aquatic environment through water quality testing and the Coral Watch program
  • Help make an immediate impact and educate travelers through reef clean-ups and Debris Free Friday beach clean-ups
  • Help monitor aquatic life populations through our Turtle Identification program
  • Learn about our ocean and conservation efforts all over the world in various workshops and lectures

What are the Prerequisites?

instructor training course

These are the requirements to begin your official Divemaster training:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a current (within 1 year) RSTC Medical Form signed by a licensed physician. We recommend that you bring this with you but you can also get this on Koh Tao at one of our local clinics.
  • Have an Open Water diver, Deep and Nitrox specialties, and a Rescue diver certification from a recognized agency.  These courses can be done at Roctopus.  Contact us for a price breakdown.
  • Have a current (within the 2 years) certification in First Aid and Oxygen Provider.  If you don not have these, you can do our comprehensive First Aid course with us.
  • Have at least 50 logged dives. This is part of your free fun diving  so you won’t have to pay extra for this!  Roctopus sends out two boats doing 4 dives a day, so it won’t take long for you to get to the required number of dives.
  • Experience in the following areas:
    • Deep
    • Navigation
    • Night/Limited Visibility Diving

Any certifications needed to meet these requirements can be completed through Roctopus Dive or Roctopus Pro once you arrive.

instructor training course
instructor training course

So when can I start?

We have an orientation session for our new Divemaster Trainees every Monday. Contact us for more details.
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