I’ve been lucky enough to call Koh Tao my home for the last five years.  Koh Tao is a tropical paradise that has given me the opportunity to make a living teaching scuba diving and playing guitar.  I want to make sure it stays a beautiful, tropical paradise.  For the last 2 years, we’ve been doing monthly Eco Days to keep Koh Tao clean and healthy.     Every month on full moon day, the island is usually quiet because people are at the Full Moon Party on the next island. About a year ago, we decided this would be a good opportunity to save the world (or at least the island). So, a few people from two dive schools on the island got together and we did a beach clean up and a dive site clean-up.  This was followed by the obligatory beers and bbq afterwards. That’s how it started.  Now we’ve got 6 dive centers and we draw dozens of people each month to participate.  We still do beach clean ups and reef clean ups, but we’ve also done special things like mooring line repairs, fishing net removals and coral health watches.  We’ve now also helped the folks at coralgardening.com with building an artificial reef that’s being installed at the moment.  And all of t his is of course followed by the obligatory beers and bbq afterwards. Our last eco day also featured a lecture from a local expert on Koh Tao’s turtles, as well as the children from doing their part to help out and clean the beach.   The dive team went to Hin Wong bay and removed several bags of trash from the dive site. If you’re interested in joining us or starting your own eco event where you live check out our Facebook Page Get Involved Koh Tao.