Teaching new divers is an amazing experience!  In doing so, you have the privilege of introducing people to the wonders of the underwater world.  You also have the tremendous responsibility to ensure your students become safe, responsible divers.  This responsibility can seem daunting to a new Instructor as they try to navigate course schedules, equipment, and agency standards while creating a positive atmosphere for their students.  It is incredibly helpful to have an experienced instructor take you under their wing to help guide you into the role of a diving instructor.

Our Instructor Internship Program gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience teaching real courses under the watchful eye of one of our Instructor Mentors.  Over the course of a month, you will work side-by-side with your mentor, teaching Try Dives, Open Water courses, Advanced Courses, and Specialty courses, gradually taking on more and more responsibility for your students. By the end of your internship, you will be leading courses on your own, with your Instructor Mentor there to give advice and provide feedback.

If you are already an active status instructor, Contact Us to find out if you qualify to participate in our Instructor Internship Program.  If you are not yet an instructor and are looking to become one, check out our Become a Professional Diver page.

Internship Program Details


    By the end of your Instructor Internship, you will have the experience and confidence to instruct your own diving course, from pre-course preparations to certifying your students.


    1 Month


    15,000 THB

    This price is all inclusive.


    • You will work with an experienced Instructor Mentor and given briefings and feedback with each course you assist.
    • You will have the opportunity to assist Try Dives, Open Water courses, Advanced courses, Rescue courses, and Deep and Nitrox specialties.
    • All of the certifications from the courses you assist will go to you, so that you can prove your experience to potential employers.
    • Employment assistance is available after the internship.

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