As a dive instructor you have the opportunity to introduce new divers to the underwater world through Open Water courses and Try Dives and to expand their skills, comfort and knowledge through continuing education courses and specialty courses. And, of course, this opens you up to many more employment opportunities all over the world!

If you are already an active status divemaster from any recognized agency you can sign-up to participate in our 2 to 3 week Instructor Training Program. This program teaches you how to effectively share your knowledge with people from varied backgrounds though classroom presentations and how to demonstrate and evaluate skills, both in confined water practice session and in open water training. By the end of the Instructor Training Program, you will be fully prepared to participate in an Instructor Exam, run by the dive agency.

If you are not yet a divemaster and are looking to become one, check out our Become a Professional Diver page.

Once you pass your Instructor Exam, you will be qualified to teach the Open Water courses, Advanced courses, as well as various specialty courses. You will also qualify to participate in our Instructor Internship Program, where you will work under the guidance of on of our Instructor Mentors to gain practical experience teaching real courses and earn certifications to help build up your diving CV.

What are the details?

    Before you start the Instructor Training Program, you will need to meet the following prerequisites:

    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have an Enriched Air Nitrox certification
    • Be a certified Divemaster through an internationally recognized agency
    • Have 75 logged divers or 50 hours underwater
    • Have a current (within 1 year) RSTC Medical Form signed by a licensed physician. We recommend that you bring this with you but you can also get this on Koh Tao at one of our local clinics.
    • Have a current (within 2 years) First-Aid and Oxygen Provider certification (available through Roctopus)
    • Own a complete set of diving equipment  (available through Roctopus if needed)


    2 – 3 weeks

    So when can I start?

    Our Instructor Training Program is conducted every month. Contact us for more details.

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