Sidemount Diving

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Sidemount is an increasingly popular dive equipment configuration.  With two separate breathing systems hanging at your side, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are much more prepared to handle any equipment failure. Diving with two tanks also makes it much less likely that you will get yourself in a low-on-air scenario. Furthermore, the flexibility of the sidemount configuration can allow you to dive in places that a diver in standard, recreational equipment would not fit. With time, you will likely even find sidemount diving to be more comfortable, as it removes the hard tank from your back. Sidemount diving also prepares you to go to the next level of diving: Tech diving!

Sidemount Specialty

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Course Details:

During your sidemount course, you will learn a whole new way to dive! You will begin by reviewing sidemount theory and learning how to properly set-up your equipment. From there, you will hop into confined water to practice core sidemount diving skills. This includes skills such as maintaining proper trim (the ideal, streamlined, body position for diving), alternative propulsion techniques, and cylinder handling. Once you have developed the relevant skills, you will put those skills to use during of 4 sidemount dives!


Open Water Certification




3 Days

  • Day 1: Morning academics and equipment set-up followed by confined water training in the afternoon
  • Day 2: Morning academics and 2 afternoon dives on sidemount
  • Day 3: 2 morning dives on sidemount


12,000 THB

All materials, equipment use, training, and certification fees included.

Ask out about how you can get more out of your Sidemount Dives by combining Sidemount with Deep diving, Nitrox, or Wreck Diving!

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